Shadows can be floating or they can be anchored.

This is another parameter that tells you how much impact a shadow has.

Shadow anchors are physical or energetic places where the shadow manifests.

For instance being physically sick or being in debt are anchor points.

When these points are purely energetic you can call them energetic anchor points.

For instance if you just feel a bit sad without reason, that's a soft shadow with emotional anchor points.

If it is a passing emotion with little intensity it is a weak anchor point with little to no grip in your system.

If it is almost a permanent state, the anchor points or anchor landscape runs way deeper.

It could appear in the form of long term depression for instance.

Physical anchor points as usually add a certain intensity to the shadow.

For instance the presence of an army on foreign land is something that happens physically, is high impact, visible, and has multiple implications.

The anchors can be weak and easily removed or they can be extremely strong and be tough or almost impossible to remove.

For instance if your house is on a cliff and the ocean keeps taking away parts of your land, that's something difficult or almost impossible to reverse.

Eventually the solution is to leave and built a house somewhere else.

In that case the shadow is the attachment to being in one location.

In that case the attachment to staying in that house is another anchor to the shadow.

The moment you let go and accept to leave, the conflict between you and the ocean is gone!

The shadow is gone!

You accept the fact that the ocean is more powerful than you.

So in that case, the anchor point is a simple mind set in your mind that says "I will not leave".

If it is obvious that the ocean will win no matter what, that attachment mind set, perseverance or will power is the anchor point for this shadow.

Take this other example.

You are attempting to climb the Everest. Bad weather has been kicking in and you don't want to give up.

The anchor point for the shadow in that case is your determination.

That determination creates a conflict between your goal and natural circumstances.

If dying is not an option victory in that case is to accept and let go.

If you persevere and die in your ascension attempt, you anchor the shadow all the way into the physical destruction of your body.

See the dynamics?

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