Have you ever been around someone who wants to argue all the time.

They don't respect your boundaries.

They ask you the same question all the time.

They never stop demanding your attention.

Reminds you if anyone.

Being in their field is like being energetically harassed in permanence.
Energy is juice!

It is life force!

They are not stealing money from you!

They just want your energy!

For them you are a territory to conquer and expand into.

Their conquering drive is directed in you and they do whatever they can to control, direct, project their undigested unfiltered emotions and insecurities.

They will take action aimed at playing games, manipulating you, because that's their natural life expression.

That's simply what they do and enjoy doing.

Changing these patterns and educating them is long difficult hard work and leads to very little results.


BecYse from within they have little incentive to change.

For them what they do mostly works.

It's for their environment that it's a challenge.

Try educating a kid who is very disturbing at school, bullying and harassing his classmates.

Tough, right?

This can lead teachers to emotional breakdowns or burnout.

So what do you do if this is your lover?

It is really simple!

See what they do as an energy generating machine!

They are a dynamo of fire and you need to find the exact attitude that is a perfect match to what they do!

You end up feeding yourself from that energy and deeply enjoying it!


The shift you must make is radical!

Don't expect what they are not going to offer you!

If you keep hoping for peace, predictable, non manipulative behaviors, forget it!

Be real!

Be prepared!

Ne ready to have shit projected on you any time!

We are back in the shadow trainer zone here!

Be like a ninja with a vast set of emotional, energetic and communication tools!

Use that fire!

Don't block it!

Don't reject it!

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