That one takes some fine tuning, training and deep understanding!

We enter now in the shadow mastery field.

This is true shadow intelligence!

How can you access bliss through negative emotions projected on you?

It's actually simple!

Behind a negative emotion like anger, there is energy!

When someone gives you anger, they give you energy!

What creates pain in you is the resistance to that energy, not the energy itself!

If you accept someone's anger and allow it to totally penetrate you, it can transform you, free you and give you energy!

This is a masterful mind ninja technique!

You don't resist at all!

You take it in!

You allow it!

You let it merge with your solar plexus!

In the core of that experience, you discover an exhilarating fiery energy!

Someone gives you anger?

They give you juice!

Lots of it!

Don't built thought forms on it!

Don't build guilt or resentment!

Stay centered and simply allow their fire to hit you!


You found yourself a new source of energy and a powerful access to exhilarating bliss!

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