Sometimes a whole story or script is permeated by shadow!

Suppose that you fall in love and go to the other side of the planet to meet your lover.

You arrive there, you discover they are already married but tell you they still want to be with you.

See the red flags?

You just entered a shadow script.

All your friends are telling you to get out!

This situation can lead to a chain reaction of drama and many more shadows.

Recognize that?

Sometimes you must break the spell and shift scripts!

It is like jumping from a shadow river to a light river!

Sometimes you might leave a shadow script to jump right into another shadow script.

It can feel like karma follows you and you can't shift story.

Shift often requires strong will power, clarity and determination.

It can mean shifting mind set, environment, choices, actions, etc.

Sometimes life simply gives you a break and shadow is replaced by grace.

You have many ways to shift stories and create new destinies.

That's conscious life design!

On your path to life mastery, your ability to shift scripts is an essential life skill!

Stay tuned!

More on that soon!

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