A fight is the battle between two energy sources that interact in dynamic ways.

In arguments it's the conflict of beliefs or perspectives.

If you look behind the surface, behind the veils, arguments are just clashes of energies interacting sometimes in explosive ways.

These energies are trying to dominate each other.

In the middle of an argument and by sustaining each other's position without giving up, you create tension.

In the core of that tension you can manifest a FIGHTGASM!

A FIGHTGASM is this bliss explosion that happens right in the core of a fight.

It is the deep connection between two sources that meet in creation.

The forms and the separation suddenly dissolve and you have this explosion of unity.

VITAL FIGHTS tactics often lead to this FIGHTGASM.

Sometimes, the energy build up will be strong but not powerful enough to create this explosive sensation of bliss.

The FIGHTGASM can be a one time light spark or it can be this juicy energetic interaction that builds up further and further.

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