In the last few weeks I have been experimenting with using soaked brown rice as a source of raw starch .

Before that I was using oats. I was adding them to fruit breakfast and salad .

I noticed that my level of energy feels way higher when I use rice rather than oats.

It could be that oats contain gluten. And that they negatively impact on my energy level.

That's something I have to research and experiment with further.

So, I just checked it and apparently oats don't contain gluten.

But because of contamination from processing facilities they might contain traces of gluten coming from other cereals processed in the same facilities.

It could as well be that oats are roasted and therefore lose part of their nutritional value in the heating process.

I don't know if oats can be considered raw or not.

I have the feeling that blending soaked cereals has a much higher nutritional value than dry oats.

I believe that the answer to this question is very simple and takes a little experimenting and some knowledge checking.

Years ago when I was using raw grinded cereals as a source of starch I felt fantastic.

Still now, when I go trekking and spend lots of time outdoor, I always use various forms of raw flour as source of starch.

I am still unclear energetically if gluten in the form of raw wheat is a new shoe for me or not.

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