This is an essential aspect of creating deep and clear connection.

It is the ability to communicate clearly and cleanly.

Clean communication means that you remove emotional charge.

Sometimes you chat with someone and that person is charged with negative emotions.

This is emotional charge!

This irritation impacts on the communication and the facts are often overpowered by a flow of unsolved baggage.

Experienced that before.

If you want to create peace, harmony and collaboration, being able to step in the peace zone consciously is essential.

You keep your emotions in check and are able to tame them down at will.

If you have an agry dog barking at your neighbour, the aggressiveness of that dog is real and pure.

But it is a shadow!

It creates conflict and fear.

Your job as a dog owner is to make sure that your dog is tamed.

If you don't tame your dog, it creates conflict with people around you.

It is the same with thoughts and emotions.

Your anger and frustration might be authentic.

You might communicate with your lover in ways that are aggressive.

It is real and powerful but it is a shadow because it creates maybe unwanted fights.

If you are able to cool down and remove the emotional charge out of what you say, your words might get you exactly what you want.

If you attack your partner with anger and frustration, they might get defensive.

You get a fight rather than dialogue.

I am not judging either of these.

Both fight and dialogue have their value.

They are both powerful ways of relating.

It is important however to be able to play with both and choose the style that matches what you want.

If you are dominated by strong emotions you don't control, that's usually distressing.

You want to be the master of your mind, not its slave.

You want to be able to play rather than being dominated by emotional outbursts you don't control.

Anger can be juicy and if that's the card you want to play, that's totally ok with me.

Simply be aware of what you project.

Realize that what you get back is a direct reflection of what you send out.

If you want peace with your neighbour, tame your dog!

That's a metaphor!

If you peace, tame your emotions and direct them the way you want.

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