Thinking is really a head thing.

The heart is more intuitive I feel.

I perceive 3 systems in me that influence decisions:

• Solar plexus and lower chakras
• Heart area
• Head area

The stomach or sola plexus area is an intelligent system that really is like another brain in you.

This is why sometimes you make decisions that are purely instinctual, non rational.

It feels like the spirit heart in peace will make very different decisions than the reactive instinct located in the solar plexus.

The rational mind might make logical choices but that are not necessarily aligned with the highest heart potential.

All these are soft distinctions.

The goal is to be one synergized unit where all these different parts are harmoniously aligned.

The spirit comes though and activates these three systems synchronistically.

That leads to action.

Your thoughts might be a reflection of intense emotions happening in your solar plexus.

If you are in strong reactive mode, you might say "Sorry, I can't think clear right now! I am so angry".

This means that strong emotions take over the brain and overpower your thinking abilities.

If you have this sudden loving heart opening experience, your thoughts will reflect that state of bliss.

If you are dealing with heady topics like writing an article for a newspaper, your emotions stay more neutral and you can't allow an overflow of love and peace feelings from the heart.

In that case, you will stay rational and allow the brain to control the situation.

Sonetimes the heart or the solar plexus must rescue situations that are stacked in the head.

The idea of these different systems in the body making decisions is a new concept to me.

O have to explore that deeper

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