This is a big one!

Most of the times, lovers, parents, friends, family, social circle will keep you within the limits of what they can take!

This means that they have projections and personal agendas that tend to stop you from growing to your unlimited potential!

If you accept their limits, you might block your evolution.

The reason they do it is because of fear of freedom and unlimited space, fear of losing you, fear of success, competitive patterns, inability to see the big picture.

They will often project frames on you which are the reflections of their own fears and limiting beliefs.

There is often hypocrisy in their response.

They might say "I am really happy for you" when in fact they resent you for your success.

This means that their subtle response is not validating your dreams.

They will lie and have an incoherent response.

Their words say one thing but their emotions, body language or fake smile might highlight their real feelings.

The real energetic input in your system is one of obstruction to your flow.

The core emotion might be envy.

It is a competitve response.

Realize that the emotional response in others is a combination of various emotions.

Sometimes envy is prevalent and represents 80-100% of their emotional input in your system.

It could as well be 80% happy for you with a 20% touch of envy.

It is subtle and it evolves.

A friend can be very supportive one day and feel triggered by your success another day.

These are very subtle dynamics.

It can be very confusing if you are not aware of them.

You might think that a friend is being supportive when in fact their hidden agenda is to sabotage what you do.

To put is bluntly, they want you to fail!

They will give you feed back that is toxic, misleading, sabotaging you.

Most times, it's not even a dynamic they are aware of.

They are driven by a competitive emotional response they don't control!

Trying to sabotage your success is usually not a planned strategy, it is a purely competing instinctual response.

It is very rare to have someone in your field energizing you unconditionally.

Tap into these sources when you find them!

Surround yourself with those who are limitless in their beliefs.

Check as well the role that you play for others.

Are you holding them back or are you an unlimited inspiration source that moves them forward no matter what?

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