In my work with break ups and divorces, I see men and women doing that all the time.

They take their problem to court thinking that their lawyer will destroy their ex.

Big mistake!

The price tag on escalation is very high because you stay in the war zone for months or years.

In that case the legal system feeds itself from these ongoing battles.

No one wins!

Everyone loses!

You might start a court case because you think your ex owes you $10'000 and you end up spending $50'000 in legal fees because of an aggressive escalation.

In global conflicts, that's exactly what happens.

A huge chunck of tax payer money is just used in aggressive coercive escalation.

Countries build up big armies to threaten their potential enemies.

The weapon race is exactly this type of self destructive escalation.

If it wasn't for that pattern, we would have erased poverty, malaria, got clean water and fresh food to everyone on the planet and developed a way healthier life style!

It's tough to this challenge on a global scale but you can develop healthier patterns in your own world.

This means that when you see a potential aggressive escalation here is what you msut do:

  • Step back
  • Realize you made a mistake
  • Destroy the aggression traces
  • Apologize
  • Focus on dialogue
  • Focus on win win

Avoid aggression and escalation at all costs!

Do it or you might pay a heavy price!

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