Sometimes, you might get trapped in a stream of emotions and the words you share contradict themselves and don't make rational sense.

It's not about what is being said!

It is about the emotions underlying the words!

What you really hear if you listen are:

• Pain
• Anxiety
• Hatred
• Insecurity
• Anger
• Frustration
• Etc

When the irrational flow kicks in, emotions take over.

Going live!

You stop filtering!

You just voice and express!

The emotions can be glorious, ecstatic or explosively happy as well!

You might try to explain how good you feel to someone, how all sensations are enhanced, how you want to change the planet or cross the world on foot!

These emotions are:

• Joy
• enthusiasm 
• Ecstasy
• Passion
• Love
• Etc

If you have mystical tendencies and go through ecstasy, rational words don't match your experience.


Because your experience reaches far beyond the rational mind!

It is an energetic activation and words are just limited attempts to express a reality which is much vaster than that.

This is why mystics often use poetry or art.

Because putting your visions on a canvas is a way better medium than rational words.


Back to shadow irrational flow.

If you are exposed to it, here are some tactics:

• Give it some safe space to be expressed and released
• Don't make decisions on what is being said
• Don't get attached to what is said
• Don't fight back
• Keep it contained 

If you are good at this, you will evolve and receive emotional intensity as gift and honor it.

There is a line that must not be crossed!

Physical abuse.

Self inflicted physical abuse is not ok either.

As long as it just emotions, they will come and go but the moment you break bones or destroy your house, you leave a heavy crystallized traumatic trace of that explosive experience.

When it is just emotions, they stay impermanent!

They come and go!

Don't get attached to what is being said.

Keep it contained is essential too!!!

If you post explosive aggressive messages to your ex on facebook in the middle of your heat, that's called escalation!

It gives passing emotions a whole new spin and power.

This might trigger a whole new conflict flow!

Once you launch a battle and it escalates, it might be challenging to take it back.

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