This is a question that comes up multiple times in the community.

There is a common belief that somehow you will be more powerful if you teach as a couple.

That's not my experience!

I have countless examples of teachers who teach alone!

They don't split or polarize their energy.

In fact most gurus, spiritual teachers and leaders in that field are teaching by themselves.

There might be a few couples who are successful as well.

It can be one or the other but it is essential to realize that you don't need to be polarized.

Many teachers fully own all aspects of their wisdom!

They are powerful and complete as they are!

They don't need someone next to them for their teaching to be transmitted and effective!

Right now, my most powerful teaching experiences have been when it is just me, not with a partner.

With a partner, it has been fun and interesting too.

But, I have been leading most of my workshops by myself!

I don't need anyone by my side for my teaching to be complete.

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