Suppose you do 1 hour of fire breath.

You might meet different stages in your progress.

You might experience some resistance in the first minute, especially if you are a beginner

You can call that basic energetic detox.

After a minute or two you might enter in a space of greater ease.

In the next few minutes you are in an easier flow .

The flow seems to get easier and easier as you move through your practice.

After 10 to 20 minutes you might hit another threshold where the energy really starts being activated in your system.

This is a natural bliss intensification.

In my experience this is not a progressive gradual deepening but the crossing of clear energy thresholds.

1 minute of practice already gives you a deep clarification experience.

If you go on with your activation, your energy evolves and the benefits increase.

Each time you cross a new threshold you get hit by higher bliss intensity levels.

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