"Thank you very much for the incredible insights"

A cool success story I just received about the midlife crisis e-book

I just finished reading your Midlife Crisis ebook and took lots of notes.

Thank you very much for the incredible insights that "hit the nail on the head" so well. You've quickly helped me get clear on what my midlife "mood" has been about.

I'm so glad I found your book!It's practical, well though out, and you obviously know the subject.

Thanks! You've improved my life."


Thanks JM! Your feed back is really appreciated.

Something new came out since I wrote this e-book.

I definitely realized that what many people call crisis is actually an awakening!

It feels like a crisis because it is a time which calls for change.

While the winds of transformation feel challenging because many men don't know how to respond to it, these forces are actually very positive evolutionary forces.

Interpreting this awakening time as a "problem" which needs therapy does not give justice to what happens deep inside!

Sure, it challenges the established society values, especially family ones for instance.

This time of awakening can be especially difficult for a relationship partner for instance or the rest of the family.

However, in most cases, this has nothing to do with a depression or crisis time. It is a true realization that some aspects of your life and mind still need to be explored; this is 100% part of your growth and expansion process as a human being.

It does not mean of course that you must just respond blindly to the forces at play; it rather means that the renewal power which stimualtes change is definitely an energy you can use to project yourself forward into a refreshed and happier future.

Be smart and wise! I know you are!


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