Create peace? - Solve conflicts? - How? - TIP


There are two levels to check:
  • The first one is the world - Peace on a world scale.
  • The second one is your world. Your microcosm. What you can directly influence, your family, friends, community, business, etc.

If you want to build peace and solve conflicts, it is a good idea to start small scale.

How do you do that? Your practice active respect!

Here are a couple of examples:

  • If you disagree with your lover or partner: "It is okay to disagree. While I would tackle this issue in another way, I do respect your opinion..."
  • If a friend tries to force you to do something you don't want to: "I appreciate the fact that you want to educate me on that but I was born with the right to choose for myself. Don't be offended if I make my own choices..."
  • If you see someone wearing a funny hat: "That's not something I would wear, but I won't stop respecting you for that..."
  • Etc.

The solving key is usually respect or tolerance.

There is a always a strategy that solves almost instantly any "internal" conflict you can face.

Find the right mind set or attitude so that the conflict you face is cleared.

With some practice, you quickly become an expert at solving conflicts in your own microcosm.

This is an essential stepping stone before you can head for greater, large scale peace challenges.

To your peaceful power!


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