Is it a mistake to have sex at a first date? - TANTRIC SEX - ARTICLE

Having intercourse in the very early dating stages can immensely lower attraction and sexual tension between a man and a woman.

The reason why intercourse shifts attraction dynamics is because when a man ejaculates, the loss of semen creates a massive drop of energy which lowers immensely the sexual tension and attraction you have before sex.

Most women are not aware of that because it happens in the man's mind and energy. But for men, the energy impact of losing semen is massive.

You go into an after sex emotional state where the energy dynamics are radically different.

This is why it is better to build up attraction with lots of complicity, love and harmony.

Once this energy base is stable and strong then if he comes and loses semen the after sex emotional gap is filled with love which keeps the attraction going.

A big part of the attraction of a man for a woman has to do with fantasy.

These fantasies are fed by desire and are an ongoing flow of emotions in a man's imagination.

If he has to wait a bit (a few weeks up to three months) to have intercourse with you he builds up lots of fantasy in his mind which triggers a high level of attraction.

It takes 4 to 7 days to fully rebuild the "sexual tension" in a man's body and mind after ejaculation depending on the age and his natural stamina level.

You must know that about guys.

What to do?

It is simple: next time you are with a man in the original stages of dating, exchange light intimacy, kissing, foreplay but slightly hold back in a playful way.

If he insists, tease him with that.

Escape his grip but do give him something, otherwise he'll think you are just prude or complicate.

Every time you see him, go a bit further, that way he knows he is getting somewhere and that you are not just leading him on.

He must know that you like sex and that you simply delight in this ongoing foreplay.

Makes sense, right?

To your tantric power!


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