Keys to multiply attraction with a man you already met - DATING FOR WOMEN - ARTICLE

The key to create attraction with a man you already met is to focus on 2 qualities:

Be fun to be with and be sexy in whatever interactions you have with him.

It can be via email, the words you use, tone of voice on the phone, a sexy teasing video you post for him somewhere. If the attraction builds up, there is no reason to wait a few months, really.

Sexual attraction does create incredible things and guys and women often open up new doors driven by that force only.

What else?
  • Be sure you are a problem free zone. Don't talk about problems or unsolved issues when you interact with him.
  • Don't talk about work, or past love stories unless they are juicy and you put him in the center of it.
  • No demands, no pressure and no expectations. This one is essential as well to intensify attraction and stay away from needy attitudes.

You don't have to look at him as if you already had something with him.

Imagine that it's all fresh, that you never met and the territory of the emotions between the two of you is totally virgin.


  • Send him a card with a sexy girl on it and ask him if he thinks the lingerie she wears is a turn on.
  • Send him a one line text message with a teasing line: "Hey? Midnight fun?"
  • In an email, tell him that you just recalled 5 of the most exciting moments in your life and one of them was with him. Describe what you felt and then nag him saying: "Wonder if you would still be able to be up for something like that. Are you in good shape? Do you train? No biceps - No date!" that kind of thing.

These are just ideas to give you some directions, but to be good at creating attraction and being sexy with him, you need to be sexy, flirty and teasing with just any guy. Practice with men you are not attracted to. Tease and flirt until it becomes natural.

Practice a couple of openings a lot, like "Does your wife get jealous when you flirt with a stranger?", until you are 100% natural at it.

Attraction and being flirty is an attitude and a state of mind you build up because it is a fun way to relate to the opposite sex and you can use it any time!

Any other question? :)



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