Don't micromanage your partner's spiritual growth!

ABSOLUTELY true! Especially on spiritual issues!

Micromanaging in any area of a relationship is a complicity and trust killer!

What you are really saying when you micromanage is:

"I don't trust that you have the skills or the ability to make your own choices or decisions on this matter - I believe that if I don't watch out and check you out every step of the way, you will make mistakes"...

What you are saying as well in a subtle way is:

"I know better than you..."

"Me? I am PERFECT!"

"I have no flaws"

"I can't see anything in me I should change"

"I make no mistakes"

In a subtle way, you put yourself ABOVE your partner.

It is a competitive attitude to shift the power balance in your relationship and gain a greater sense of control over your partner's life and mind.


How do YOU feel when someone tries to micromanage you in ANY area of your life.

Think about a boss, a parent, an in law, a sibling, a friend or a neighbor trying to do that to you...

Think about a VERY specific situation you might have encountered recently or in the past.

How did THAT make you feel?

Well, that's EXACTLY how your partner feels when you do that to them.

It kills romance and love instantly! REALLY!

The point is that your partner is born with a right for self determination.

They never ever gave you the permission to tell them what to do.

This applies ESPECIALLY to spiritual areas.

...And when you micromanage your partner, you take the controlling patterns in you to even a higher octave which again destroys the trust and complicity that your partner might have felt for you.

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