It was such a wonderful experience, having those astonishing dreams

"Dear Francisco,

I find it very touching as well that you actually took the time to respond to me during such an exciting time, a busy time.

I am so excited for you! I truly feel excited that I will be able to keep up with your journey, via technology, and it's a privilege for me to join you this way since travel is not yet on my horizon. I am so grateful that I may experience even a small sense of who you are and what you are learning and experiencing, it is like living out a dream, in a small portion, made larger by the feeling that you seem to be such a lovely person and that India is a cherished destination of mine that I reach one day to fulfill.

As I said I would, I told a very dear friend of mine about you, he should be checking you out today, for sure. He is an author, an incredible healer, a great scientific mind, who has lived an incredible life, and studied with some incredible individuals. I spoke to him today on the phone about you and told him about some of the experiences I have had in the few short days that I have "taken class" with you, so to speak, and it occurred to me, I should also tell you about it! Duh!!!

The very first day I saw your face, the strongest impression of knowledge you placed in me was in regard to the writing of calligraphy, and of asking for help. I needed help with something, and what you said about asking the Universe/Unified Field made so much sense to me at that moment, I just said, why not, and did so. At the same time I asked, I had also written down the sanskrit name of Babaji, and placed it in my bed before going to sleep.

The same night, a man came to me in my dream, saying he was my son, and the love I felt from him was the most ideal love that as a mother you crave to have from your own child. I felt so much love from him, it was amazing, we were smiling together, laughing, and I could feel how much happiness he was drawing from being with me. We were so happy to spend time together, I felt so loved by him, he was beautiful, I couldn't believe he was my son, but he was, and he regarded me so lovingly as his mother, it is so hard to express how blissful I was with him, and I felt his honoring me as his mother, a very high honor.

I left the sanskrit rendering of the name Babaji Mahavatar there, in my bed, I didn't move it.

I have only experienced on very, very rare occasions a recurring dream, but he came again to me the next night.

In the dream we were in a cab, still laughing and joyful, almost with a warm glow around us, he was still my son in this dream, it was like he had not seen me in ages and was so glad, and he was in the back of the cab with me, had a map in his hands and was pointing out to me on the map where we were going....

Since that day, two days ago, I have been writing many different words in sanskrit on everything I own, starting with my yoga mat and moving out to everything. I have written Babaji's name and other words like, divine, mother, father, health, vitality-the one you taught, satisfied, om, etc. I learned many other words doing research on the internet after having been inspired by your suggestions.

I haven't seen him since that second night, but I keep looking for him. I wish I could remember what he was showing me on the map, but I could not see it.

It was such a wonderful experience, having those astonishing dreams, two nights in a row. Maybe this never would have happened, in fact, I don't see how it would have had I not encountered you, Francisco. I feel different after meeting my "son". Thank you. I feel that you have given me a wonderful gift. I don't know what to say other than thank you.

I started out looking to find where was Babaji, and I found much more than I imagined, and I still will be keeping an eye out for Babaji anyway. I will continue to evoke his energy through his name.

I have 3 more LONG TIME interests that I see you have addressed on your site: Shirdi Sai Baba, Sai Baba, and Mt. Shasta. I had planned to be in Shasta this year at the Spring Solstice, my friend was planning to go as well, but work prevailed... and I continue to ask for help to find what for me is equal to freedom.

I pray your experience in India will become more magnificent, each day of your journey. I will do what I can to stay connected to you during your journey with the best thoughts of happiness and fulfillment for you in my mind and praying for your safety and health.

May you be showered with Blessings and Love...."

KSA - Malaysia

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