How to deal with social pressure - ARTICLE

This is another challenge that we discuss a lot in coaching sessions. It can be an ongoing issue for so many people. It can totally destroy the fun that you could have in social situations and create high levels of anxiety

Here are the type of emotions people might project on you:
  • Judgement
  • Challenges
  • Anger
  • Cold shoulder
  • Rejection
  • Criticism
  • Bullying
  • Gossip
  • Etc.
For many people this create a high level of social anxiety.

Which means they don't feel comfortable in public.

If this is you and you fear the public eye here is what you can do.

Increase your personal power

You can do that in many ways. You can for instance train to develop more body power and presence. You can get a stronger edge in your career. You can establish more personal presence through better posture and more confident tone of voice. Etc.

Establish connection

Engage with people, develop conversation skills. Be a good listener. Be interested. Be respectful. Be positive in general towards others.

Shift your story

Sometimes, you can be your worst enemy. Other people's judgments are only a reflection of how you feel about yourself. Check your thought patterns and change them. Replace negative self talk by positive one.

Build your case

If people attack you in public or criticize you, develop responses that will solve the conflict. Here are some core answers that help you tackle potential conflicts

Tell me more...

When someone challenges you, that's a very simple reply you can give them. Digg in there answers. Ask follow up questions: "So what you are saying is that I made mistake?", "What would you have done instead?", "Interesting... Thanks for sharing... I'll remember that next time", etc.

It looks like we disagree on that point and that's ok

Another very simple way to tackle potential conflict. Don't try to convince someone, simply accept the fact that you opinions differ. "We disagree but I do respect your opinion. I won't try to change your mind".

Train your social skills

Any time you have a chance to engage in social conversations, do it! Don't run away from it! Social power is a skill that you train by being a lot in social situations. The more you do it, the better you become at it.

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