Over the last year, Rajaya Tantra has emerged as my new lineage.

After meditating for 7 days in a cave in Satopanth, the idea of Rajaya Tantra clearly emerged.

I won't go into the full details but will simply tell you that Rajaya Tantra is my new vehicle.

It is a new tantra lineage that was initiated through me as I offered my whole vitalcoaching experience to the sources of tantra and yoga.

Rajaya = victorious fire

Tantra = teaching or path


Rajaya Tantra = Path of the victorious fire

It is a complete path of life mastery and is the equivalent to but in an Eastern vehicle.

Eastern vehicle means that the whole coaching structure I have in is replaced by a community and free flow based transmission.

Did I create it?

Well, in a way, it is my creation but both you and I know that I am only a channel for this to manifest.

I see Rajaya Tantra as an invisible spirit, stream of manifestation that has all potential.

Forms are not fixed, there is little to no structure at this stage and anyone who tunes into that essence can start manifesting their own forms.

It's an inner school as much as an external vehicle.

It is a spiritual stream but that contains all elements of life mastery I developed so far.

Rajaya Tantra has 5 main streams at this stage:
  • Relationships, dating, sex
  • Body, nutrition
  • Mind, thoughts, emotions
  • Business, money, material power
  • Spirit, Invisible
I can simplify this to Relationships, Body, Mind, Money, Spirit

These are the 5 streams we master with this system.

Yes, these are the same ideas as everything I created so far in vitalcoaching.

The difference is in the source of inspiration and the intention.

Vital coaching is more about networking, broadcast, structure, coaching, etc.

Rajaya tantra is more about community, live connections, free flow.

The reason I initiated this lineage or this lineage was initiated through me is simply because of a strong magnetic or intuitive call.

It first happened because of an inspired drive that led me to a whole series of revelations concerning this new stream.

I took off to very specific places in the Himalayas responding to this call.

I know exactly where this call came from and the forces that guided me to to get there.

These forces have been at play in my life for a long time, sponsoring everything I did over the last 20 years and more.

The intentions are very pure and are in line with harmonious and empowered evolution fo the planet and our human race.

There is a big picture behind all this that goes far beyond the limits of anything I did before.

It involves conscious activation of all aspects of your life, getting a renewed sense of direction and a clear vision of what comes next for us a human race.

What does it mean for you, for my clients or for my future activity?

Essentially, everything stays the way it was before.

I keep coaching, creating new books, videos, audios, leading events and so on.

And there is a new element added which is connected with this new stream.

The idea of free flow is very present in rajaya tantra.

With Rajaya Tantra, instead of scheduling sessions I start actively responding to what is there, the needs of the moment.

I open wider the possibility to take more people on my journeys and experiment with community and residential events where I might just rent a house and invite people to join for extended periods of time.

The goal is life mastery, activation, training your life power, removing traumas, undigested emotions, and enter in the bliss zone.

In other terms, it is to clear the way using a vast variety of tools.

This is live!!

In the past you might have watched videos or read books from me.

You got input and sometimes took action, sometimes not.

That's all ok.

With Rajaya Tantra, we engage more activley in transformative actions.

You will get nothing out of it if you are just a spectator.

You need to engage and play to get results.

This means that this is an active form of training of your life power and energy.

This is not a fixed structure.

What emerges is co creation!

We get together and events, adventures and journeys start unfolding.

What I tested so far responds remarkably well!

I am super excited by this strong power, energy and bliss stream that I feel emerging for the last year.

Right now, I am actively exploring this energy space and identify the mind sets, action lines, people, alignments  energy, locations that are conductive to fertilize this stream!

If you are an existing client, want to sign up for coaching, buy products on the site or anything else that was there in the past, no worries, stays active the exact same way it as before.

I am not disinvesting from it, on the contrary.

Rajaya Tantra is a new stream that empowers even more, adding a whole new set of tools to what I already offer.

Most of what I say here are only technical details for you and it might change nothing to the way you relate to and to me.

It simply ads new options and a whole new fresh energy that were not fully manifested before.

The description and ideas I share with you is simply to give you some background info and highlight the inner dynamics of what I do and why I do it.

I know that if you aren't familiar with these concepts, everything I share here might be a bit confusing.

Don't worry about it.

It probably won't affect you.

But, You might magnetically be pulled to join the rajaya tantra experience.

That's a calling that you might feel.

It will feel as an evidence and something that can't even be questioned.

After testing this stream for a year now, I know that what's emerging is exciting and has massive potential for all those who want to connect with it.

How is it going to work?

Some simple tool that might help us connect and build up energy:

I am creating a new group for those who want to be an active part of this Rajaya Tantra adventure.

I still have to define how open I want that stream to be.

It might be totally restricted to those who are actively engaging, training their life force or travelling with me.

Another option is to open it to everyone.

I feel that to have strong energetic breakthrough we need to concentrate the energy.

I feel as well that only a small fraction of those who come in contact with that energy will be ready to actively engage with that flow.


Because this a strong transformative path and not everyone is ready for change or do whatever it takes to be activated.

In fact this energy might be too strong for many.

That's totally ok.

At this stage, these choices are not yet made.

Keep in mind that this is a very intuitive adventure and I am extremely flexible concerning the forms it will take.

However, the inner guidance coming from this stream is extremely clear concerning the choices and directions I am supposed to take.

I am in Thailand right now and since I got here, there is tremendous juice and inspiration flowing concerning this lineage.

I am consciously activating every day through invocations, energy techniques and the interactions I have with the beautiful tribe of people I am connected with here.

I will keep actively developing it in the next few months when I head to Bali From February to April.

A big step will probably happen beginning of May when I head to The Himalayas.

I am right now, actively connecting with a few selected people I met so far who feel ready for these coming challenges.

That might be 3 months of adventures in the Indian Himalayas and Ladakh area.

The goal is powerfully energetic and consciousness activation for all those who take part.

This calling is emerging now high speed and I recognize a high level of motivation and dedication in many of those who want to join.

This in one powerful project but Rajaya Tantra is as well unfolding right here right now and every day, new experiences and elements come my way.

Many people in my direct environment are already playing with these energies.

Will post new updates soon as fresh idea emerge.

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