A new way of coaching has been emerging for me in the last few years as I travel.

I call that free flow!

No commercial agreement.

I give, help, coach, empower, mentor, motivate anyone I meet who has a need or offers a space to receive.

It works really well and is based on the unlimited streams of generosity.

It seems that a lot of my coaching interactions these days and prob 80% of my activity as a coach are about free flow and free broadcasting.

I love it!

This doesn't concern my online activity.

This means that I am not in free flow when I am online, make appointments or with clients.

I have a solid coaching structure with a clear agreement on that level.

Free flow happens when people host me, travel with me, engage in any way, are generous with me, are in trouble when I meet them.

It's a spontaneous flow of encounters as I travel.

I don't help because I have to! I offer it because I want to.

I don't schedule sessions with free flow, it happens when it happens if it happens.

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