Host me! Invite me!

Another very original way to work together!

In the last few years, I frequently visited my clients.

When you host me, you get unlimited coaching from me for the period I visit you.

If you like the idea of having me on site available to work with you on your favorite targets, don't hesitate to get in touch.

We'll check possibilities and make it happen.


You offer me a roof, a place to stay, ideally with internet access.

I tend to be active part of the day on my coaching projects like online sessions with clients, recording videos, updating website, writing new books or training.

I take care of my personal needs, buy my own food and we often end up creating delicious dishes together.

I say that again just in case.

You don't need to take care of me when I am visiting. I am an experienced traveler and quickly find my way in any city, find out where to buy food or train my muscles.

Once you give me a set of keys to your place, that's it, there is nothing else you need to provide.

I am problem free, respect your privacy and space when you want it.

I might even take care of your kids while you go grocery shopping or entertain your teenage son with new fun life skill building ideas.

I clean after me, do the dishes straight away, empty the dishwasher, take out the trash, do a laundry load, help with house hold and usually spend a couple of hours cleaning the space before I leave.

When I visit you, my job is to simplify your life, ad ease and flow, not burden.

How much comfort do I need?

You know, in the last few years I was offered anything from a big house all for me, master bedrooms, to a balcony, a nice space in the garden or a carpet in the living room.

It's all good on my end!

I have this nomadic juice in me and easily flow into the spaces I am offered with very little visible impact.

I often simply spread my yoga mat to sleep and roll it up in the morning.

I usually travel with a small backpack and even after a few days you hardly notice my presence in your space.

I am used to community living and always clean after me, no drugs, no smoke, no alcohol, no loud music. My life style is super clean and energizing to be around.

Living together is a magical experience where we unleash aspects of your life that are waiting to come out!

It is always empowering for the people who host me!

Most of those who give it a try want me to stay longer because of the benefits and positive impact I bring into their lives.

Unlimited coaching

In exchange, you receive unlimited coaching from me for the time of my stay.

In my experience with clients and friends I visited this means we usually have a couple of 1-2 hours sessions/week but because we interact on a daily base, we end up having lots of ideas sharing and coaching moments.

We often enter in free flow mode and you receive lots of input from me throughout the day.

Depending on our ability, we engage in activities together while I visit you, take off too the beach, train together, visit some places or attend social events.

You get a whole flow of activation coming right in your house, fresh smoothies and juices, morning activation, high energy coaching sessions and more!

You tell me what you want! We make sure to make it happen. It is all about your agenda, not mine. I am professional, respectful and easily work within the boundaries you offer me! This could be for you or a friend or even your community if you live with a few people!

For your friends

For you friends, I usually offer $100/hour or $150/2 hour sessions.

I can as well set up targeted evenings or workshops for small groups like your friends, family or colleagues.

The format is very casual! I am friendly and easy going.

I am passionate in positively contributing to your life in whatever way I can.

Travel expenses?

If I am already in your city or already planned to come your way, no travel expenses for you.

If I am in another city and you want me to come, then you can contribute in my travel expenses by paying for flight or gas.

I check with you depending on your financial situation, how long you host me, if you refer me to a few potential clients, etc.

I am very generous so don't hesitate to contact me to check this out and find a win-win solution together.

If you want to invite me, we will ALWAYS find a way to make it happen.

Money is never the limiting factor.

Let's connect soon! I would be excited to meet you!

Contact me!

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