Here is my calendar for my coming trips!

As usual, I invite you to join me on these adventures!

Feel inspired by these trips?

Best is to get in touch and check it out directly with me

How does that concern you?

I am offering space to join me on some of these experiences.

Here is how it works:

We meet somewhere on some of these trips, ideally for a period of 1 to 2 weeks and you get unlimited coaching from me while we travel together.

We might go on treks in high mountains or simply relax on a tropical beach depending on the location and our preference.

We might go for a trek up a wild river or experience an exotic city's night life.

All these are unlimited possibilities!

Here are the core ideas, skills or practices we can focus on while engaging in these adventures:

Being super comfortable and at ease wherever you are

Practicing energy techniques

Designing new life or business projects

Wilderness survival

Developing a nomadic life style

Shifting core aspects of your mental patterns

Boosting your level of confidence and personal power

Finding profound and mystical ways of connecting with nature

Healing and getting your life back after a break up or divorce

Finding your destiny and your profound life purpose

And so much more!

I don't have a fixed agenda for you!

It's not like I have a daily schedule fully planned!

On the contrary! I love the spontaneity and the adventure while travelling!

I always stay safe and don't do anything that would put my life in danger!

But I stretch my comfort zone a lot by challenging myself in many ways, for instance by experimenting with food, gear or locations!

These world adventures are an experiment and the opportunity to find new ways of mastering life.

That's the type of adventure I encourage you to join me in.

In some cases, we might be a small group if a few people are interested by a given location or adventure.

These trips are experiences we cocreate according to our needs and very specific desires!!!


That's the idea that summarizes everything.

How does that work financially?

The price for this experience will vary a lot depending on our location and what you need from me.

This price tag will be between $0-$200 / day

For instance, if you pay for one of my flights and expenses while abroad the price for my coaching will probably be around $50/day.

If you are totally fit, don't need my coaching but want to partner with me on an Himalayan expedition, I will probably not even charge you.

We will explore win-win possibilities according to your needs and budget!

Yes! I do coach while I travel!

In case you wonder, know that I do coach while I travel. This means that I keep in touch and actively coach my clients by phone, skype or email while I engage in these adventures. In my 2011 adventures I have only been unreachable for 5 weeks altogether while visiting remote places in the Himalayas. In most cases, I still have internet access and we can have sessions as usual.

Join me?

Travelling together is one of the most transformative experiences you can have!

I am a super experienced traveler and often spend weeks or even months in exploratory trips in which I train specific aspects of my mind and body.

I often do that outdoor with a small tent and just the food I need.

I often take individuals or small groups on these journeys with me.

For ideas on what these trips look like, check my facebook

and my youtube channel:

Pricing for travelling with me?

I really consider case by case. I don't have a fixed price.

It could be anywhere between $0-$200/Day depending on your needs, experience and what other forms of compensations you offer me. Like for instance paying for my flight to our location or taking care of expenses like lodging and food while we travel together.

What to do next?

The best is to get in touch!

if you have a certain budget, simply make me an offer.

If you have no idea, I'll happily suggest a win-win agreement we can both embrace.

If you feel a calling to travel with me and want to know future trips possibilities or want to suggest one, get in touch for a quick chat.

I'll tell you everything you need to know.

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