The sea is wild this evening! Celebration of powerful dancing elemental forces

The sea is wild this evening! Celebration of powerful dancing elemental forces.

My bungalow is 30 m above the waters on the rocks, wide open space on the bay here in kok phangan

These first 10 days in Thailand have been pure delight! My senses are all awake, diving in vibrant sensations of deliciousness.

The warm winds on my skin, haven't worn a shirt in a week.

The soft and warm sea waters, envelop me with gentleness as I swim in the morning.

Enjoying tropical fruits! lots of them! Fresh salads!

The community! Whaou! By the sanctuary, daily connecting with beautiful beings, diving in instant sensual exchanges that totally fill me up!

I love it! I honor all if it!

The goddess winds of these warm seas! Tropical juiciness that unleashes this refined ecstatic trance!

I am activated! Wide awake to a whole new stream of cosmic gifts hitting me daily!


I am curious! Excited like a child!

Spirits! Forces of the invisible! Come and play! Open us up! Guide us! Activate us!

We are now rising to the next octave!

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