Activate your mantras!

Activate your powers!

In the last few months, I gave dozens and dozens of tools to the people I met and ask me for help.

Mantras about love, money, health, energy and much more.

Here is the trick!

A life power, a mantra is like a muscle that you train!

To train that specific power, you need to activate it!

If you don't activate it by using it, it remains inactive.

This means that this specific energy is not flowing through you.

A mantra or life power trains your brain and your energy.

It activates a channel of life force in your system and makes you conductive to that specific energy.

These tools can be sitting in your toolbox but they don't do much unless you take them out and start using them.

How do you use them?

By singing, invoking, writing them down, meditating on them, etc.

In the moment you use a given mantra, transformation happens, change, fresh energy comes in.

And this fresh energy can be challenging!

There is a natural embedded tendency in the human mind to stay within the comfort zone.

Your comfort zone is the range of experiences you are familiar with and comfortable with.

Using a mantra stretches your mind and energy!

This activation triggers change and this change can feel challenging.

It is like taking a yoga pose and diving deep into it.

You will feel specific muscles activated and stretched.

And then you feel energy pouring in, bliss, healing power rearranging your body deep into the cellular level to activate that specific pose and make it natural to you in the future.

The mantras and life powers I give you work in similar ways.

They stretch you!

You can have dozens of techniques and all the information but all that doesn't mean change yet!

To activate, you must take action!

Use the tools you have!

I give you techniques!

Using these techniques or not is up to you!

Got it?


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