So, you think it's ok for you to sleep around but then demand full commitment from your partner???

How does that really work in your head?

And more importantly, what makes you think your partners will be stupid enough to let you get away with it?

You take all the freedoms and expect your partner to have none?

You spend your time flirting and enjoying the company of multiple lovers and when you see them connecting with other people, you react, challenge them, come up with demands and expectations?

What do you think you are doing?

You really believe that your lovers are blind or stupid?

By doing what you do, reacting or coming up with demands, you make a real fool of yourself!

Do you have any idea how stupid it looks and how your lack of integrity really appears to the world?

You can't fool anyone!

And you can't get away with it!!!

What do you need to do?

You are cool with having lovers?

Then be cool with your partner having lovers too!

If you can't take it, then don't take that freedom either!!

And stop coming up with excuses!

You are ok with having lovers or any other level of intimacy with multiple partners, then you must be ok when the situation is mirrored to you and your partner does exactly what you do!

It is as simple as that!!!

Wake up and stop trying to force your lovers into double standards!

You want to play!

Then you must be ok with them playing too!

If you don't, conflict rises and deal breakers are reached instantly!!

Which means that very fast everyone stops playing including yourself!

This kind of integrity gap is so obvious!!

You have no idea!

Stop denying it and realize that everyone is watching and knows exactly what you are doing!

Want to play! Then be ok with them playing too!!

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