Double standards? - How do they work? - What to do about them? - NOTE

Suppose that your partner considers that it's ok for them to have lots of freedom and sleep around or hang out with lovers or stay overnight with a lover.

Then, when it comes to you doing it, they accuse you, threaten you, get upset, or disconnect.

What do you do?

Do you try to educate them?

Do you let go and accept to comply to their demands and give up on your freedom while tolerating theirs?

What's the best response?

This is probably not an isolated case that happens here and there.

I believe that double standards happen a lot in polyamory situations.

The reason why it happens is because of an energetic battle.

If your partner does it and blocks you from doing it and they win, the energetic or power balance is in their favor.

How does it work?

Well, if your partner has 2 lovers and you have just them, they receive the love from 2 people and you receive the love from just one person.

Energetically, you give 100% of your romantic capital to one person and get back only 50% of their romantic capital because their energy is divided between 2 people.

So, in the energetic balance, they get more energy by trying to establish an unbalanced agreement that rules in their favor.

In other terms, it is a quest and a battle to get more love and energy.

See how it works?

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