Humankind faces a huge challenge with the way it eats!

Food is destroying bodies!

Right now, most of the food you can buy in supermarkets is bad for you!


Because the whole production, system and priorities are totally corrupted!

Nobody cares about the negative health impact of what they sell!

They will keep putting additives to their processed products because it's practical even if they know that these additives will kill people on the long term!

How can soft drinks get away with putting aspartame poison in their soft drinks?

They are in total denial of the consequences and still do it!!!


Because the only thing they care for is profit!!!

The health of their consumers is totally irrelevant to them.

They are massive marketing machines aimed at selling as much as they can without caring a bit for the long term consequences on the health of their consumers!

Denial is no longer an option!

We know what you are doing and we know that right now, the law is not yet adapted but the time has come!

Businesses must shift their priorities now or both their industry and consumers will die out.

You can keep on going that way but that's self destruction.

Want to thrive?

Want to be proud of your future and what you create?

Want to be part of a massive renewal and outpour of bliss in your life and humankind?

You know what to do next!!!

I know that as a single a human being, you do care!

The thing is that you are trapped in marketing machines, businesses and systems that totally control and alienate you!

If you are in an industry that kills people, leave, shift your ways, destroy your business, act now!

It is your responsibility to care and denial is no longer an option!

We know what you are doing!

You are being watched by the world!

The next few years are going to position you as a human being with integrity, power and values or as individuals and systems that kill lives!

You know it!

If you are in these industries, pharmas, processed foods and are enslaving humankind to your deadly products, you must stop!

You must stop now!!!

You hear this force!

You hear this fire!

You hear this anger!

It's not coming me from me!

I am just a messenger for something you feel inside of you!

You hear this call too!

You feel it and you will act on it!

I am not begging!

I am ordering you to stop in these destructive ways and start really caring for the people you feed!

Stop misleading them with stupid health claims!

No one believes you!!!

We all know you're lying when you say that a product filled with processed sugar is good for you!

We know you are lying!

Your time has come to change!


Simply because you know that it is the right thing to do!

You are a defender of human dignity or a liar who destroys people's health?

What do you choose!

What do you want this earth to be?

It's time for change and it's time to care!!!

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