Because new energies are manifesting on this planet right now.

Yes, something new happened at the end of 2012.

It was not the end of the world but the beginning of a new energetic input.

Humans are not guiding the evolution on this planet.

We are inspired from higher spheres and our job is to tune in, listen, be receptive.

Most people believe they create ideas, invent stuff, but where do these ideas really come from?

What is a muse?

What is inspiring the artist? the film maker?

What is inspiring humankind.

We are being used by higher forces.

All the time!

Powerful forces are guiding the evolution on this planet, guiding us in the right direction.

And right now, a strong new impulse is touching planet Earth and Humankind.


Listen carefully!

You need to adapt and develop new frames!

New action lines! New value systems!

You need to evolve because the pressure is now more intense.

The old ways are dying and new forms are emerging!

Nothing can stop this transition.

We respond as individuals and as human race.

If what you have been doing till now suddenly stops making sense, it is because new pathways of manifestation are being created.

You can use your will power to force yourself in the old or adopt the path of least resistance and go with this new river of evolution.

I am talking about a massive stream of energy touching the planet and humankind.

The basic forces sustaining everything we do as a human race are shifting and we need to shift with them.

There is no choice possible.

You can only go with the flow or end up in depressed zones, energetic places where the energy has left.

Some businesses will become like ghost towns! Deserted by the spirit!

What does this mean practically?

How can you win in this transition and fully collaborate with the invisible?

You must listen!

Listen deep internally and trust your intuition!

What is your intuition really telling you???

It might concern your business, career, love life, ways of thinking, whole destiny line, ways of relating to your body, life style choices, etc.

I won't tell you what I feel is right because the wake up call must touch YOU, each one of you individually.

You must feel it!!

You have an idea in the morning, take a minute to consider it!

Write it down!

Explore possibilities!

Shift perspectives!

Listen to every hint!

Every person around you!

What are these hints?

What is this guidance!


The time has come for deep and profound transformation!

What is calling inside of you?

What is screaming?

Do you hear it?

Where does this come from?

Do you feel urgency?

What happens if you don't listen?

Are you being activated?

Why are you reading these words right now?

Were do these words come from?

Why am I writing them?

Accelerate your mind!

Speed up your brain!

Speed up the cycle of your thoughts!

Speed up your emotions!

Go faster!

Create space!

Create freedom!

Dive deeper in your life!

What is the role you really play in this human evolution!

What's your maximum potential???

Are you expressing it?

Why not?

What happens if you start expressing it right now?

Are you afraid of your power?

Are you awake?

Really awake!!!

Can you see the strings of energy directing everything in the invisible?

What are these strings of energy?

Is humankind in control?

In charge of all that?

Or are we collaborating with forces that are way vaster than ourselves?

What are these forces?

Answer these questions!!!

Answer them with your intuition!

You already know the answers!

Vocalize them!

Express them!

You don't need to know the final answer!

Simply start writing!

Start speaking!

Start a conversation with yourself!

And you will feel revelation coming through as a massive stream of energy!

Speed up your thoughts!

Don't slow them down!

Speed them up!


Think faster!

You will see what happens!

Answers are coming your way!

Your mind is a revelator and fresh energies are touching you right now!


Activate them!

Invite them!

Ask for guidance!

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