Clear the way

Create space!

Any undigested emotions stacked in your system can hold you back.

This is why releasing these emotions through energy techniques triggers this unlimited flow of energy.

It’s the architecture of your mind that holds and blocks the free flow of energy.

Your mind is a positive tool.

You don’t want to destroy it!

On the contrary, you want to use it, align it, synergize it!

Your mind is your best ally.

You train to free energy and in the process you unleash a whole new way of being.

You tap in your universal identity!

You trigger cosmic sensations that take you to a whole new dimension of life.

I am substance free! Alcohol free! I use raw foods and super foods to optimize my body.

The subtle refinement that you trigger in your being rearranges your mind and restructures your thoughts.

The new waves of energy you unleash are intelligent!

Life force is more than a static electromagnetic vibration.

We talk about intelligent, conscious energy!

This is your spirit!

It is the flow of your being expanding in you!

It is your Shakti power! Your Shekinah! Your Spirit! Your life force!

This is the highest game you can play in life!

Life mastery! Your destiny! Your flow! Your game!

Everything you do is aimed at the same target!

Entering in a state of cosmic bliss while keeping your two feet firmly grounded on this gorgeous planet!

The goal is not to escape! The goal is to serve!

It is to be an agent of transformation, unleashing your powers to help creation and humankind!

We are one human race!

We are one family ready to boost our unlimited potential!

You are an agent of transformation ready to impact life with your bliss!

You are guided in the right direction!

See the path to action and manifestation!

Everything you do is synchronized and aligned with a plan which is way vaster than yourself!

You are a cosmic being sending waves of bliss in all directions.

You are like a sun, radiating your energy in all directions, having a profound transforming impact on those you meet!

Your being is a gift to humankind!

You bring bliss and beauty wherever you are!

You see, understand, connect, unite!

You are an agent of transformation!

You are a catalyst who has the power to shift reality in and around you!

Mastering your sexual energy is part of this experience!

About Shiva Rajaya

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