Consciousness expansion

Vital sex goes way further than aiming for better orgasms or more pleasure.

The deep target of these practices is expansion of consciousness, mastery of your life force, bliss, freedom!

Deepening of sexual pleasure might be part of your story or not.

You might play with practices that involve absolutely no sexual stimulation and remain purely energetic with even no physical touch at all.

You might trigger flows of ecstatic orgasmic sensations just through a breathing or sound technique.

Once you expand your energetic potential, all sorts of impressions hit you! You might be flooded by unlimited bliss, laughter or tears.

The moment you remove blockages your chakras get hit by an overflow of energy.

This overflow can activate your throat, creative center and give you visions and inspiration and unleash your creative power.

Your third eye gets activated and you see the dynamics of life, understand the cause and effect behind any action, see life as it is and totally get your destiny.

These are pure mystical experiences that get triggered when your sexual energy flows freely.

As your heart chakra gets activated, you might feel explosions of joy and love emanating from the core of your being! You might feel the intense desire to hug everyone or merge with the whole planet.

When you crown chakra gets hit, you experience sensations of ultimate power! You feel the authority to design your life exactly the way you want.

When your root chakra at the base of your spine gets activated, it’s your animal instinct, your power of survival your fearless drive that wakes up and empowers you.

Bliss is a very magical energetic state.

I am describing some possible aspects of your experience.

What you might get is a merging of various aspects of all that.

These are just examples!

Expect nothing!

Bliss!!! That’s what you are aiming for.

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