Pleasure mastery

Pleasure is good!

All the shame or guilt surrounding sex needs to go!

We are ready for a deep upgrade on this topic on a planetary level!

Before we get there, we have to start on ourselves with small steps.

Think pleasure!

Think sex!

What images come your way?

What feelings?

What emotions?

Write them down.

Your answers describe your energetic landscape around sex.

How sexually free are you?

By sexually free, I mean how free is your sexual energy?

Again, give yourself a mark 0-100%

The goal is to score in the 80-100% range.

80% is good.

100% is perfect.

Pleasure triggers a flow of biochemicals in your brain that keeps you happy.

A fulfilling sex life is one of the essential keys to an energetic life.

Suppression tactics concerning sex often lead to weird outcomes.

For instance on a wide scale, all the shame surrounding sex leads to a productive flow of porn all over the net.

There is a sexual need and because this need is widely suppressed, it becomes this weird porn expression.

The target is to reclaim and own your pleasure and sexual energy and be able to use it in whatever way you want.

The target is sexual mastery or mastery of your sexual energy.

This can mean fulfilling sexual experiences but it can as well be expressed in a whole new range of possibilities.

In the vital sex techniques I suggest, you can train your sexual energy even without intercourse, sexual stimulation or intimacy.

In this way you can for instance have a “fulfilling sex life” or fulfilling expression of your sexual energy in whole new ways.

Keep in mind that the target is to totally free your sexual energy and remove any disturbances obstructing the free flow of life force.

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