What is sexual freedom?

The way I see it, sexual freedom means that your sexual energy is activated and flowing freely.

Usually, the expression is associated with having multiple partners and being sexually really open.

Again, let’s put this back within an inner energy context.

Sexual freedom means that your sexual energy is not blocked, constricted or limited.

It means that you can use it at will and that you have an unlimited reserve of it, ready to be activated if needed.

Sexual energy = Life force

If your sexual energy is flowing and activated, it does free your mind and creates pleasure and life juice.

You are awake!

Now, you might as well need to put this sexual energy within a system that will serve you with your life.

For instance if your target is to protect your couple and an open relationship is not an option, you might destroy what you care for the most, your family, by having a one night stand with a total stranger.

Are you the master of your sexual energy or are you enslaved by desires that dominate you.

See, that’s another way of looking at it.

You can unleash your sexual power and still give clear direction to your desires.

When passion is used alone, it can be very destructive or go in circles.

You heard that before: use your head and your heart.

Use passion in synergy with reason.

Reason is what keeps your helm steady.

Passion is the wind in your sails.

Yes, you might have heard that before, remember where?

This is a wise way of using your sexual power.

Put it in service to your life targets and let this sexual energy serve you rather than destroy you!

It is a new power you could unleash in your life!

It is instinctual! It is animal in essence!

Tame it!

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