Emotional release

When you activate your energy body you release blocked emotions.

You create space!

You create freedom and your energy starts flowing.

You create clear channels by training these skills.

The ability to stay in a clear energy space is a skill or a “muscle” that you train exactly the way you train your body.

When your energy body is trained, you get more bliss, joy, power and happiness out of life.

Your mind stays clearer and you’re healthier.

Each time you have an experience, it leaves a blue print on your energy body.

If this experience is traumatic, the impact will be stronger and deeply anchored in your energy body.

This means that feelings concerning that experience will be recalled whenever that memory is triggered.

Suppose that you had a fight with a given partner in a park close to where you live.

Each time you go back to the park, the memory of the fight is triggered and you relive the same set of fight emotions again.

If you want to be free from these challenging emotions, the disturbances associated with them, which are still anchored in your energy field, need to be released.

To release these disturbances, you practice energy techniques.

You build up your inner flow of life force and in this fresh stream of energy, unsolved emotions are released.

If you practice energy techniques a lot, you stay emotionally free most of the time.

You can quantify your level of emotional freedom by giving yourself a mark 0-100%.

0% is totally hooked in negative mind sets all the time.

100% is totally free and happy all the time.

The goal is to score in the 80-100% range and have a happy, free and fulfilling life.

If you already score high, you can optimize your energy and start refining your life tactics until you gain full mastery at 100% emotional freedom.

Each of the techniques I teach can be practiced for months or years without really coming to an end of it.

It’s like any other skill in life!

You can take a yoga pose and refine if for years. You can build up sequences of movements and head for absolute perfection.

You can do the same with anything you touch in life.

Full mastery takes dedication, focus and practice.

How much discipline do you need to succeed?

In my experience it’s 80% flow and fun – 20% discipline.

You need some focus and consistency especially in the beginning and once you have this discipline in place, the flow and fun you experience in the practice takes over.

Opening up your energy body is like playing music.

It’s creative, diverse and inspiring.

In the beginning you mainly train a given set of practices.

It’s like training the basic chords.

And very soon, as you ad variation and new techniques, you develop a set of tools that allows you to diversify, ad spontaneous variations and be freely creative in the process.

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