I use the Sanskrit word kamasana for sexual energy technique.

Kama = pleasure, sex, desire

Asana = posture

These are cyclic movements combined with breathing which have a sexual connotation to them.

They are some of the core practices to engage into with vital sex.

You have standing, sitting, kneeling or laying positions.

You can ad all sorts of variations and play in a very creative space with them.

The target stays to activate the energetic exchange in the couple and you can of course focus on more targeted sexual stimulation as well.

You can practice these techniques by yourself as a couple or even as a connected group.

Vital sex is not a fixed set of rules and techniques.

I don’t want to limit it!

You have many systems and tradition out there which are totally crystallized.

The way I am designing vital sex is without limit and totally open for innovation.

I love freedom!

I love the space you are in when you can play, improvise, invent, let your imagination guide you.

I want vital sex to be an open flow of creativity that you reinvent in your own way.

What I give you here are core concepts and techniques so that you can start playing.

And it is really up to you to reinvent all that in your own way.

That’s perfectly ok with me and I even encourage you to do so.

Yes! Unleash your creative power and find new ways of using these techniques.

This is how vital sex evolves!

It is not fixed or crystallized.

You can play with kamasanas for as long as you want.

For instance if you only have time for a quick vital sex session, you can activate each position for a minute and have a 5 min dynamic vital sex energy break.

If you have more time, you can stretch a given kamasana and practice it for a few minutes.

You could even enter in one of these dynamic postures and practice it for an hour if you want to.

If you don’t know where to start and you have time and energy, 5 min per kamasana is a good place to start.

If you have 9 variations, this gives you a 45 min vital sex session which is perfect.

When you engage in a vital sex session, it might be easier if one person takes the lead and the other follows.

For instance you decide which kamasana, in what order and for how long and invite your partner to follow you in these practices.

Kamasanas are only some of the practices you can engage into with vital sex.

You have all sorts of play approaches you can tap into.

You can focus on more sensual approaches, kissing sessions, lingam or yoni massage, sacred spot massage, dynamic passionate sex, whole body massage, clitoris stimulation and much more.

You see, dozen of variations and possibilities.

The reason I might focus on kamasanas a bit more in my vital sex sessions is because these are new.

Vital sex or kama yama is a new system connected with the Rajaya Tantra lineage that I just initiated a few months ago in the spring of 2012.

This is all new!

It’s all being manifested right now and I just happen to be the vehicle for this transmission.

The word kamasana seems to embody the spirit of these dynamic techniques.

This is how it came to me.

Same with the expression Kama Yama which stands for sex discipline, mastery or control.

I really want to honor here the forces that are inspiring me.

This is not a system I am making up by myself.

I feel clear sponsoring energies guiding and empowering me in transmitting these techniques.

I know exactly what these sponsoring energies are, how they function, inspire and where they come from.

I am in service all the way.

The target is to be more harmonized, powerful, beautiful and awake as individuals and as a human race.

That’s the idea!

For instance when I wake up in the morning and I suddenly feel this word kamayama in my mind, it’s like an energy code being given to me.

I never saw or heard this word before but some days earlier, I discovered and started activating the word yama for discipline, control or mastery.

I have been using as well the word kama (sex, pleasure, desire) for a few months as well

After a few days invoking the energy of yama, the words kama and yama naturally seem to synchronize and merge in my mind.

This is a bit like the sudden inspiration you would have if you’re an artist and decide to create a new painting.

You have a vision or an insight.

I am creating a new path or a new lineage with the help of invisible inner forces I aligned myself with.

This is the result of 30 years of spiritual exploration and training.

My mind is attuned and I get now clear insights and directions concerning what I need to manifest.

I wanted to share with you these ideas so that you get some insights on how the Rajaya Tantra system is manifesting right now.

It’s an evolving spiritual adventure!

So, back to kamasanas.

I might ad in the future videos and pictures so that you have  clear demonstration of how these techniques work.

For now, I will transmit them live within playshop events.

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