Sex energy techniques

Energy techniques are the core of what we do with vital sex.

We use movement, sound, breathing and a vast variety of ritualistic actions.

You can practice most of these techniques with various levels of intimacy and sexual connection.

You can practice these techniques with or without sensuality or intimacy.

You can approach a vital sex session exactly the same way you approach a yoga or fitness class.

You can practice vital sex by yourself as a couple or as a group.

Let me give you an example.

Start breathing faster.

Now breathe as fast as you can in and out through your nose.

Keep breathing fast, stand up and let your body go with the flow of your dynamic breathing. You might for instance move your arms and slightly bend your knees rhythmically with the flow of your breathing.

That’s it! You have an energy technique.

Now, imagine that you have a lover.

You are standing, holding and strongly embracing each other while you keep breathing dynamically together.

Your breathing is synchronized.

You could stop here or imagine the same practice naked.

You can take this one step further and use the same breathing technique while you have intercourse.

You see?

You can develop these techniques with various levels of intimacy, sensuality and connection.

It doesn't need to get intimate but it can if you want to.

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