Rajaya Tantra

Rajaya Tantra is a new lineage of tantra and yoga!

I initiated it in the spring of 2012 in a high Himalayan valley!

Vital sex is one essential aspect of Rajaya Tantra.

Rajaya stands for victorious fire.

Tantra means teaching.

A vast stream of energy is ready to sponsor your life.

This stream is in service to the planet and humankind.

You can tune into this system and get in touch with me any time to get a fresh boost of energy and techniques to optimize your existence!

I am here to serve you!

These streams of energetic power will work for you best when you align yourself with the vaster planetary purpose.

See it inside.

The plan is already designed in our collective human consciousness.

Close your eyes!

Ask for help! Ask for guidance!

You are being watched!


About Shiva Rajaya

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