Take responsibility

What I am sharing here is my essence!

I have been on this quest and exploration for 30 years and what I give you here is the nectar of the most fantastic life secrets that were unveiled to me.

Once I give it to you, I release control over it.

It’s yours!

You take full responsibility for what you do with it.

If you want to use them, keep them for yourself or give them to others, it is really up to you.

I trust you!

I have no personal agenda!

My only task here is to be a channel and give you what was given to me.

I am in service to forces that are way vaster than myself.

The power of kama yama is profound and intelligent.

It will naturally guide you in the right direction and help you make the right choices, empower your being and energize your mind.

I welcome you with my whole being in this space of bliss and unlimited potential!

I love you!

About Shiva Rajaya

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