What if our galaxy is already networked with highways of energy and consciousness!

We don't have to create these space highways, they already exist and billions of beings, millions of human like races are already using them!

You can take the complexity of our human life and systems and multiply it by a million!

Imagine discovering a space which is already populated by consciousness!

We only need to activate the tools to tune in the right frequencies!

The space star gates are already active!

They were established and activated by human like races way more advanced than we are!

As a human race, we are still in the infancy stages in so many ways, still taming our animal instincts and harmonizing various levels of our existence.

Imagine having lived outside of civilization your whole life and suddenly arriving on a raft to the shores of New York!

That's the kind of step we are now taking as a human race!

We are activating our star bodies and entering into the space era!

What if this space we are about to explore is already designed, activated!

Radio waves always existed!

We just needed the tools to unveil them!

What if right now we are on the verge of accessing a reality which will blow our minds and shift every single perspective we have on life, consciousness or science!

What if most of our space travels have nothing to do with moving our physical bodies but activating our consciousness in very specific lines of energy!

What if the galactic grid is an omnipresent system that allows us to interact with any part of our galaxy and all its beings!

The reality is that space travel is already happening and always has!

It is already activated in us!

All its potentials are ready to be unleashed!

And we are now like teenagers in this exploration, exploring possibilities in the galactic space travel school!

We are being educated, directed, inspired, guided to unleash this awakening potential!

What do you feel happens once you complete a state of yoga and reconnect with your source?

What is your source?

What is this unified field of consciousness?

You now start tapping in the next stages of your human development!

It is the awakening of humankind as a space race!

This is the new frontier if our human adventures!

It is the unleashing of all galactic abilities in our lives and consciousness!

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