To follow up on the whole idea of using hormones names to activate these qualities, here is an extension of what I started earlier.

Body is an intelligent being!

You can communicate as if you were communicating with a spirit, conscious energy.

Actually, not "as if"

It is a conscious being, spirit or energy!

That's what emerges with galactivation!

You can not only use hormone names but organs, muscles, glands, etc.

You can establish a conscious 2 ways dialogue between your consciousness and your whole body or any part of it!

You can give instructions, directions, gratitude, love, respect, etc

And the body responds back!

Signs like health, strength, discomfort, pain, pleasure are all ways the body interacts with us!

We are now expanding this dialogue to feelings, impressions, subtle sensations and actively discovering how to consciously activate this conscious dialogue.

This is a vast topic and these visions of how to activate thus conscious dialogue just start emerging!

To be followed... 

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