Spent the morning researching the whole biochemistry of sex and pleasure - Headed to people's market for delicious salad boost and greens shopping - Off to a beach jog, surf and play in the waves for a refreshing energy clearing session! - Merging with the ocean! Love it! - Diving into body optimization, training every day, juicing, refreshing! - I feel my energy about to explode through the roof! - My bliss saturation level is close to its max and I am expanding my energetic potential to take more and more! - Do you realize that this is what yoga is really about?! - The evening will be full of surprises for you who dares to tame the night and engage in the pathways of your desires, play in the juiciness of your unleashed instincts - Life is a conspiracy to take you to total ecstasy - Connect! - I love you!

About Shiva Rajaya

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