This is a wild potential that I see emerging very fast.

I am researching the after sex effect (refractory period) right now and its neurological biochemical models.

Here is my experience.

A few years ago I decided to consciously ejaculate while having sex but also focused on not losing energy in the process.

This means that I sent an intention out.

I focused on it.

I meditated on it.

It worked for 3 days.

I have the feeling that through clear intention I programmed my body to either not lose the energy or activate other energy sources so that there is no energy drop after sex.

The energy was sustained for 3 days without strong refractory period the way I usually experienced it.

After 3 days, the usual refractory symptoms kicked in the way they usually do 3 days after ejaculation.

These are slightly lower energy and inspiration, slight feeling of disconnection from my spirit and life vision, lower sexual drive and overall lower energy in my body and mind.

I feel that I consciously programmed my mind through actively communicating with the forces that regulate biochemistry in  my body.

My intention created a different outcome.

Right now as I am typing these words, I feel that the forces that sponsored that experience are listening.

That's what I call the galactic grid.

A few minutes ago, I just had this download, sudden idea that we can use the hormones names as codes to direct very specific biochemical states inside of us.

It is like ordering a certain energy state by using the associated hormones names.

Yes, I believe that this is where our power is right now.

I use mantras all the time to trigger certain energy states.

It works wonders for me.

I use about 50 life powers right now, which are mantras, to activate key aspects of my life

Until about a year ago, I was mainly using sanskrit words and expressions for these life powers.

In the last few months, I started activating words I created, westernized terms that become personal codes for these qualities.

Today a  new possible stage just got unveiled to me which is using hormone's names to activate very specific mind states.

Why would it work?

Because the ability to influence our biochemistry is already inside of us.

The power to use these abilities hasn't been activated or trained in human consciousness yet.

The activation of our star body, galactivation or merging of our energies with the galactic grid opens these new powers, these new pathways of activity inside of us.

I believe that this is what is happening right now.

Here are some possible examples:
  • ADRENALINA - Energy
  • OXITOSINA - Connection
  • DOPAMINA - Arousal / Excitement
  • PROLACTINA - Peace
It's something I have to test, see how my brain responds to these codes.

Remember that as with any mantra, the word becomes a stimulator of that specific state.

In my experience it takes a few weeks for this code and stimulation pathway to be fully activated in you.

That's what I noticed with other mantras.

They are like a muscle or a specific ability that you train.

The mantra is a code that activates that specific quality in you.

So, with these hormone names, if I use these words repeatedly for a month, I will train my body, energy and mind to create these states through the use of these hormone names.

These names become my activation codes.

This is an experiment.

I will feel into it and see how my being responds to them.

That's the wild idea that just emerged today.

If you approach this in a more mystical way, you can see a hormone as an energy field, an intelligent activated space that you can tap into or call by using that name.

Am I losing you now?

It's the same idea behind the use of ayuhuasca or mushrooms.

Shamans talk about medicine right.

They say things like "She will come to you"

People on acid are using similar associations as if the substance they take is an actual being, spirit or energy field.

I like that way of relating to hormones.

Instead of looking at them as simple biochemical objects, look at them as intelligent energy fields that can actually respond to your call and are activated in you when your body secretes them.

You can even use expressions like "adrenalina spirit" or "adrenalina goddess".

I like that!!!

I am a bit of a fool and my job is to experiment with pathways and energies, see how they respond to us.

These are not final statements that I can prove in any way!

The world of energies and mysticism is not ruled by rational pathways but by instinct and intuition.

My instinct tells me there is something there!

What does your intuition tell you?

If you are fighting with these ideas, instead of locking yourself in a rational argument, just imagine for a moment the possibilities!

Allow your imagination to wander in these spaces of infinite possibilities!

What the bleep!!!

That's what we are here for!

Explore life beyond the limits of our consciousness and dare to take the next possible step in our full unlimited awakening!

Are you still with me?

Using directly the hormone's name is only one possible pathway.

We can use as well the name for the quality we want to manifest energies like LOVE, POWER or HAPPINESS.

The westernized words I have been using are modified versions of the original terms so that we don't go back to the existing neuro pathways associated with these qualities.

For instance instead of the word HAPPINESS, I might go for HAPINESA or APINESA which becomes my code word for that specific quality.

I might as well use the latin word as a code.

Latin terms seem to resonate deeply in me as well.

The term for HAPPINESS in latin is FELICITAS.

I usually select a few possible terms to use as my code for that quality.

within a few minutes, hours of even days, one of these words start resonating in me or appearing as the code quality I want to use in the future.

I feel what term is the most energetically active inside of me, what word flows best.

This CODE SELECTION happens in direct collaboration with the GALACTIC GRID.

This means that I design these techniques under the direct guidance of the forces of the GALACTIC GRID.

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