Imagine that all life on Earth emerged from a simple bacteria.

This simple life seed diversified itself to create all the branches of life that we have on the planet today.

Imagine that similarly, you have human form seeds starting from a similar point originating on thousands or millions of locations across our galaxy! 

Imagine that all human like races in our galaxy are linked to a same original model.

In a similar way imagine that our human race is a diversification starting point for what will cone next.

Imagine that various strands of consciousness and human expression could start from where we are now.

Why would we diversify in various directions?

Because of energetically expanding to other places in our galaxy or colonizing new earth like systems.

This colonization could simply the result of physical dematerialization and rematerialization in another location in our galaxy.

This dematerialization could simply be the living if the physical body through natural death or it could as well be a new emerging technology.

We don't create our bodies!

They are created for us!

We don't need to control all aspects of it!

In fact how much do we control of our  physical organic activity.

We are simply here to witness mist of it!

The next stages of our evolution might take us into more collaborative cocreation with the forces and intelligences that sustain us in the invisible spheres.

To be followed

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