It is quite simple actually!

We are undergoing training as a human race.

You don't give a laptop to a baby!

Why not?

Because the baby can't comprehend how to use it yet!

He will try to chew on it or throw it around!

The baby has no idea of the laptop's capabilities!

As a human race, we are like children on our way to full potential and a lot of the powerful  tools and technologies that could be revealed to us are still behind the veil!

This means that we are not being allowed to access them yet!


Not ready!

We would misunderstand them!

We first must prove that we won't blow up the planet with what we are offered and that our intentions are powerfully aligned with the vaster evolutionary plan for the planet and humankind.

We still need to grow up as a human race and go beyond attacking each like animals or oppressing each other each time new power is given to us!

In other terms, we must first master what we have already been given!

You master that as a human race?

Then you will be ready for the next stages!!!

The next step could be free energy technology!

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