It is simply one of the multidimensional aspects of everything that happens on this planet.

The center of the galaxy can be seen as the energetic root of everything in the galaxy itself.

This means that all life, all matter are energetically rooted to this central galactic point where everything emerged.

We can expand the idea if gateway and see every atom, molecule, object, life form, the whole planet or the solar system energetically linked to that galactic core.

This energetic root is not exceptional!

It is one of the core multidimensional aspects that sustains everything that exists in our galaxy!

You can see the star gates present in everything as the energetic pathways connecting us to our source.

The activation of star gates are the conscious opening and awareness of this reality in our lives.

It is the awakened realization and conscious tuning into that reality!

This conscious activation brings deep transformation in the way we perceive life and has the potential to radically shift the way we live or perceive our lives.

Suddenly, the traditional frames of our existence are dissolved and we enter in a whole new life paradigm!

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