This is about a one on one session involving sensual touch:
  • respectful
  • sense of security
  • gentle energy
  • needing the container
  • clear boundaries
  • giving options is nice
  • liked the point rotating motion in the back if heart chakra
  • that was the most novel experience
  • very soothing
  • massages the heart chakra beautifully in rotating motion
  • could have taken more pressure
  • ask if pressire is good or if they want more
  • hypnotic suggestions
  • quality of voice really soft and gently
  • not too much words
  • you could simplify
  • suggestion that you repeat an hypnotic affirmation
  • build a new neuro path way 
  • get them to say it until it sinks in
  • transition was well done 
  • gave me enough time
  • say "now we will take some time to transition"
  • yab yum is that ok?
  • counter transference

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