The way I define TANTRIKA is life master!

It is someone who achieved a certain degree of life mastery through the path of TANTRA.

I define VITAL TANTRA as a complete system of life mastery!

How does it feel to be a life master?

It feels like you have a sense of direction and clarity about most aspects of your life.

The purpose of your life is not just to survive, it is to thrive!

It is not to achieve some small victories here and there like a successful marriage or business, it is to be able to successfully conquer most challenges that come your way!

Your mind must be your best ally, not your enemy!

Imagine living in a reality where all your self destructive patterns, limiting beliefs, sabotaging choices are replaced by a super conductive optimized mind!

The moment you tap in these feelings you really get addicted to this quest!

These are powerful targets!

Be the best that you can be!

We are not just talking about learning a few new dance moves or a special way of aligning your asana!

We are talking about evolving in life like a Ninja, seeing the attacks before they even arise, having life tactics to tackle most challenges you can face!

The question is "are you ready for a big step in your evolution?"

All it takes is this fundamental decision to do better!

Maybe you are totally ok with the way your life is right now.

Maybe you hear these words and the idea of tackling some of your core life challenges feels really scary!

Why does it feel scary?

Because it is like going to battle and conquering a new territory!

This is YOUR LIFE!

If you like it exactly the way it is now, that's fine with me!

And if you feel you could improve, then what will you do about it?

Will you hide or will you show up?

You know, trusting what I tell you now is a big risk!

Maybe you don't know me and have no idea what I am talking about!

It is like inviting you into a whole new land to explore!

Why would you do it?

You can rationalize a lot!

Or you can just trust your intuition and let your instinct take you where you need to go!

Objections and limiting beliefs can be a protection or they can seriously hold you back and sabotage your chances of life  success!

I'll be very direct with you ok?

If you want to go from where you are to where you feel you can be it will take sone solid strategies, focus, effort, investment of time and money, consistency and will power!

Success can be designed and ingenieered!

It can be created by manifesting the right ingredients.

Here is something else that you must know:

Most people on this planet are quite happy with staying in small game!

Small game is dealing with the very basics of life without ever growing beyond that.

Small game is being trapped in stories that don't serve you and don't expand you!

Small game is being dominated by beliefs and emotions that enslave you!

Now, why would you stay in a cave when you can live in the sunshine?

Because sometimes the cave feels more comfortable than the sunshine!

Light and energy can be uncomfortable!

When you start accessing your true unlimited human potential, the flow of fresh new energy is intense!

It rearranges and detoxifies everything in your life!

It creates so much energy and freedom that a small part of you might want to retreat and stay small.


Because staying small can be way safer than growing and expanding!

Do you realize how your life can explode when you get a taste of your limitless freedom?

Imagine for a minute that all disturbances in your energy field have been dissolved and that you are in a pure and complete state of emotional freedom!

Do you want it?

Do you believe that there are ways to access this total emotional freedom states?

What does success feel like to you?

Is the idea of complete life success comprehensible to you?

What's the first emotion that comes to you when you think of success?

Ok, enough energy for now!

Honestly take a look at yourself and ask this simple question:

"Do you want more from life?"

If your answer is "Yes!", stay tuned, there is more coming up in the realms of your life's design!

I love you!

About Shiva Rajaya

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