This is another Energy or love activation session.

The term VITAL ACTIVATION fits actually really well because sometimes it is about love, sometimes energy, it can be sex, freedom, power, vision!

These are emerging as hypnotic sessions where mantras, body activation, hypnotic transmission, nurturing are transmitted and woken up.

So yes, the term VITAL ACTIVATION is perfect.

It could as well simply be VITAL SESSION.

Feed back:
  • Ease
  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • That allows for softening and opening and the flow into speaking didn't feel rushed 
  • Inviting me to join in with mantra allowed me to access something else in me
  • The fore of bringing out the energy could be even stronger pressure and active dearmoring
  • How to incorporate that into partnership dynamic and teaching that to couples would be super powerful.
  • Highest point when heart and sacrum spinning massage on those 2 points when laying on belly
  • Highest point as well when inviting me to use mantra

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