They are launched!

The first VITAL TANTRA, Tantrika Training waves here at Vital Gate in Bali!

It is the same format for the 4 successive weeks

You can attend one or more weeks or even just a few days if you can't make it for a full week.



Ideally we will all live together for this week at VITAL GATE - This is a community I launched 3 months ago and we have space for up to 18 people - We are 10 min bike from the center of Ubud/Bali in the rice fields - I will give you detailed instructions after you sign up.

If you already have a space at another location in Ubud you can come for practices to VITAL GATE every day. It's the same price for the event if you stay at Vital Gate or not.

Ideally, move in at Vital Gate on Sunday so that you are ready to start with training on Monday early morning.

If you like you can extend your stay at VITAL GATE from Saturday to Sunday and check out on Sunday to give space to the next TANTRIKA TRAINING wave.



$250 (rps 2'900'000) paid in advance in cash or via paypal to - Includes all the training + simple shared accommodation, breakfast and lunch - Non refundable.



We start at 7 am every morning with dynamic activations, have breakfast together, sharing and more group activations till noon.

Every afternoon is more in free flow with targeted individual sessions.

The evening will be dedicated to social and celebrations activities.

The schedule is flexible and will highly depend on participants wishes.

I do however make myself available full days from 7am to 10pm every day for the length of the training.

Saturday and Sunday will be integration and decompression time. Nothing officially planned but we can still meet for feed back and small checks if you are still around.



After 3 months of activations and community life at Vital Gate, the place is ready to be taken to the next level - I am opening for next week a full on TANTRIKA TRAINING - We will activate your energy body, tap into your freedom, emotional potential and create space to activate more bliss in your life - We use techniques like shaking, breathing, movement, active dialogue, and much more.

The VITAL TANTRA system is a complete path of life mastery and optimization that touches all aspects of your existence.

I launched it in 2012 after a deep journey in a remote Himalayan cave.

It is a unique experience during which we focus on specific targets you want to reach during these few days.

Here are some of the aspects of VITAL TANTRA which include dozens of techniques and approaches we can access during the training:

KALI YAMA - freedom mastery
SHAKTI YAMA - life force mastery
KAMA YAMA - sexual mastery
DAYA YAMA - activation mastery
YUDHA YAMA - fight mastery
SATYA YAMA - truth mastery
SUSAMAPADA YAMA - creative mastery
TANU YAMA - body mastery
ASHANA YAMA - food mastery
SHALA YAMA - space mastery
ARTHA YAMA - money mastery
CHITA YAMA - mind mastery
KUNDALINI YAMA - energy mastery
NIDRA YAMA - peace mastery
ADHIKARANYA YAMA - destiny mastery
DARIMANA YAMA - authority mastery
VICHARA YAMA - dialogue mastery
NAKSHATRA YAMA - star body mastery
JYOTISA YAMA - light mastery
ADITI YAMA - freedom mastery
ALFA YAMA - shadow mastery
PRAROCHANA YAMA -seduction mastery
ORAKALA YAMA - oracle mastery
ORASIA YAMA - speech mastery

These various aspects or life powers are deep areas we can tap into and we could easily spend a whole week on each one of them.

However, instead of trying to integrate everything, we will focus on the specific techniques that targets the exact challenges or goals you might face.

There is so much to say!

The path of VITAL TANTRA starts with a small step!

Here is your chance!



I am Shiva Rajaya and spent the last 25 years of my life in deep spiritual exploration - I spent 12 years in full spiritual training and another 12 years as coach and tantrika training and coaching groups and individuals.

My last workshops were at Burning Man in California, New York and London teaching VITAL FORCE and VITAL SEX geared towards energetic mastery.

I am a professional, working with a clear code of ethics, presence and boundaries!

I create a safe and empowering space conductive for deep experiences and awakening.

Contact me to sign up 0822 3664 7624

In depth info about my work and teachings at



This specific set of TANTRIKA TRAINING events is scheduled in 4 waves.

These are 4 successive weeks

- April 14-18
- April 21-25
- April 28 - May 2
- May 5-9

Yes, you can attend the whole set of events, just one wave or even a fraction of a wave and be there for just one or a few days with us.

I am not restricting access and allow flexibility in the way you engage in this program.

I know that this experience is highly transformative and has the power to shift fundamental perspectives on your life forever.

As soon as you step into this space, you enter an energy which respectfully sponsors and guides you towards life mastery.

As you can imagine, this doesn't happen overnight.

It can be a 12 years or even life time exploration where each step you take brings more juice, power and awareness in your existence.

You can as well access VITAL TANTRA through one on one personal activation sessions and targeted coaching.

If you want it, it is yours!

However, the best option at this stage is to commit yourself to at least 5 days of deep transformation by joining one of the TANTRIKA TRAINING waves.

This will activate you to a whole new level of presence, freedom and awareness about your path, your destiny and give you new essential talents to face your deepest challenges and clear out of your life what no longer serves you!

I love you!

About Shiva Rajaya

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